August 29, 2009

the best day.

i've been thinking about what really inspires me lately.

i've come across amazing photographers,
great story-tellers,
nice strangers,
but only one thing continues to inspire.


{picture of my dad chasing a rooster in hawaii.}

my dad inspires me to be a better daughter,
and a better person.
my mom inspires me to grow up and have children,
and be the best mother,
and not yell at her children.
my sister inspires me to act like a little girl.
my five year old neighbor sophia taught me today that
no matter how big an animal is,
it can still make an imprint on the world.

today was yet another amazing day,
and it inspired me to do more.

today i am also thankful for our home,
my friends,
twenty-minute phone conversations with
my grandmother,
where we talk about nothing,
nothing at all.

thank you,
dear friday,
august 28th,
you were the best day of the summer.
you were the best little treat,
and i can't say thank you enough.

you gave me even more appreciation,
and the best thirty minutes with my little sister.

thank you.
thank you.

p.s.- i've been featured here... go check it out!


Yaya said...

Sounds wonderful.

Cat said...

This was very sweet :)

(At least you still have summer!)
Yesterday was a good day. I hope everyone had a good Friday!

Lee said...

I'm happy that you can find inspiration in the people around you. Unfortunately, a lot of other people have trouble doing that, and sometimes it can end up depressing them. :( If you ever find someone like that, try to help them find inspiration. :]

Congrats on being featured by Georgia!

Jessica♥ said...

I only have a few days I really appreciate. Ones that are perfect and beautiful in every way. Glad today was one for you. =]

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Oh TeeTee,
That was beautifully written. I have tears in my eyes. I hope you are considering using this for my party, or coming up with something equally as brilliant!
Have a wonderful weekend!

natalie said...

Ah, don't you just absolutely love those perfect days? Where everything just seems to be 100% completely wonderful in every single way, shape, and form. That definitely does not happen very often, so that's fantastic to hear that you had one of those days :)

Lee said...

I love it, you're always such an optimist. :)

georgia b. said...


this is awesome! love post like this! just down right inspiring. i hope you have many more days just like this in every month, every season, every year.

{and thanks for the link love}

Kimberly said...

Very inspiring

McGlone Bunch said...

like i have said before i can not believe you came from inspire me with every breath you take..i only hope that you know how truly dear you are to me and my life

accidentally, kle said...

i think this is my favourite post of yours so far. its just wonderful. i loved reading it :)