August 24, 2009

Here's to Me {by Beverlee}

Miss Beverlee and I have been friends for almost six months now. When I first started this project, I emailed her and asked her if she would like to be a part of it. She emailed me back with her list, and I was so excited!

Beverlee's top ten things she loves most about herself:

1. My amazing friends!
2. The fact that I keep my grades at decent high standard.
3. My long dirty blond hair.
4. My softball skills.
5. My long, dark eyelashes.
6. How I have never even thought about doing drugs, let alone actually doing it.
7. My old school 1st generation iPod nano.
8. How I am afraid to grow up too fast.
9. How I stand up for my friends even if I lose others.
10. That I love drawing but am completely terrible at it.

Thank you, I cannot wait to see you in September!


Cat said...

Love the list... love the picture the most :)

Lee said...

I used to draw pics like that of myself.
That's the extent of my art skills.

Love the list!!

JESs said...

I like her dress the best. i think i have one just like it. :)the list is very good. :) (consider following my blog by chance) :)

Drop me a line on my WIMZI Instant Messanger down to the side of my page, (You don't have to have an Instant Messanger account to message me. :) I'm online most of the time.)

Alphie said...

Wow you changed your header (love it!)...I really need to get updated again!


Jessica♥ said...

I love the standing up for friends part. that made me smile. =]

natalie said...

That is a fantastic work of art :D
And a fantastic list at that :)

Haha, I still have my old school iPod nano too! But sadly, for some reason no noise comes out of it no matter which headphones I use, so I had to get a new one ):

Laila Of Course! said...

Oo lovely things! :) I loved this post. And are you not going to be posting for a while?

TeeTee said...

No, I will still be posting!

Sky said...

OMG, who drew that?

TeeTee said...