August 10, 2009

Here's to Me {by Camille}

The top ten things Camille loves most about herself:

1. my uncanny ability to randomly burst into song
2. not carrying whether my voice sounds pleasant
3. being able to listen to thuggy (yes, i did just say thuggy) music and classical tunes all within the same car ride
4. able to bear my burdens and sorrows with a smile
5. allowing my little sisters to "borrow," aka mutilate, my clothes and not get frustrated
6. that i can escape in a novel
7. having such an incredible family
8. being able to try any food
9. acting like i'm an overgrown child
10. feeling and finding magic in my life.

Thanks Camille!


TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Another lovely list of top tens from a very self assured girl. Awesome!!

Jessica♥ said...

I'm a little confused though, Was the list for you or your friend?

TeeTee said...

Oh, no, I made my list when I first started the project, this list was a reader's.

Cat said...

These lists are amazing :) Really creative, really insightful. I love your blog!

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

TeeTee, I finally got around to my list--did it as my own post, with props to you, of course.

Wendyburd1 said...

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Anonymous said...

What a GREAT picture! I love it!!!

Eva Gallant said...

love the lists1

McGlone Bunch said...

Camille I personally love #4 if you can accomplish this you have made your life much more easier and you are blessed. Congratulations.

Colette Banks said...

I happened to be camilles roommate up at college and she really is all of these things. She is such a wonderful person whom I care about deeply. even tho I only new her for one school year, she is one of my most precious friends whom i'm very lucky to know.