August 31, 2009

Here's to Me {by Sarah:)}

Sarah:)'s top ten things that she loves most about herself:

1. I love my sign language vocabulary. It's limited and not very good, but is always growing and improving, and I love it. The ability to communicate with those who cannot hear me is astounding.
2. I love the freckle in my right eye. It's large, and dark and I love it. I feel it makes me unique and special.
3. I love my cursive handwriting. When I take the time to write slowly and nicely, it looks astounding.
4. I love my obsession with comics. I love any sort of comic, online or otherwise. I could read books full of comic strips (not to be confused with comic books) for hours. Garfield, Dilbert, Zits, Calvin and Hobbes, XKCD, Explosm, Rooster Teeth... if it's drawn and in panel form, I love it.
5. I love my extensive medical knowledge. For a 16 year old girl who's never been to med school or taken anything other than 10th grade biology, I think I've got a pretty good understanding of the human body, how it works and how to heal it.
6. I love my rational-ness. For a woman, a teenager at that, I am very rational. I don't anger easily, I don't blow things out of proportion, I don't have crazy demands. When The Boy does something stupid, I don't blow up at him. I laugh and shrug it off. I'm pretty sure he loves it too.
7. I love my love for children. I adore kids, and they like me pretty well too. They're just so young, so innocent, so pure. I would much rather spend time with younger kids than ones my age.
8. I love my niceness--- usually. I am an overly nice person. Always. No matter what. I don't know why, but I just don't have it in myself to be mean, unless someone just really sets me off. Like, playing video games that you can either be a nice character or an evil one, I'm always the nice one. Always. I feel bad being mean to the virtual people. So, sometimes my niceness is a blessing, others a curse.
9. I love my photography. I love taking pictures, and looking at pictures I've taken, and hanging my favorites on the wall... I love photography in general, really. But I love mine even more so, because it's something I do, and do right.
10. I love my ability to get to know people before judging them. I believe that everyone deserves at least one chance, no matter how they look, act, dress, smell or live. They deserve a chance.

Thank you!


Laila Of Course! said...

Oh, this ten things list was simply lovely. :) Thank you, Sarah, for sharing!!

And thanks, Teetee, for your sweet post!

JESs said...

that was really good. do you come up with those TeeTee or did she send them to you?

JESs said...

can you do one for me?? :D

TeeTee said...

She sent them to me.

Yes, I can... just comment with your list here, and I will post it!

Lee said...

I have a huge freckle in my eye!
Sorry... just... haha.
Just something people always notice about me.
Great list. :)

natalie said...

That's so cool about the eye freckle :D I wish I had one! My cursive looks terrible though, haha. I love photography too, although my pictures aren't really very good. I just like to try to capture the memories, and hang the best ones on my wall too :) Another great Here's To Me!

Cat said...

I like this list, lots and lots.
Especially the picture.