September 30, 2009

Here's to Me {by The Grandmother}

The Grandmother's top ten things she loves most about herself:

1. the fact that I am compassionate
2. the fact that I am productive
3. the fact that I am a survivor
4. I'm forgiving
5. I'm dedicated
6. the fact that I am a wonderful Grandmother
7. the fact that I was a cheerleader
8. I recovered from major health issues
9. the fact that I was an ice skater and that I performed in shows
10. the fact that I joined a major sorority and graduated college

number 3,
number 6,
and number 8
are all my favorites.

thank you so much for playing!


carly said...

and MY GRAN was a figure skater too! she used to tell me all these stories about how she used to paint her legs because she couldn't afford the stockings during the war.
woooo to our granny skaters.

McGlone Bunch said...

she rock love the mcglones