September 23, 2009

Here's to Me {by Jessica♥}

Jessica♥'s top ten things she loves most about herself:

1. That I can dance, and people know it.
2. My ability to do anyone's hair.
3. That I can't sing, but I do it anyway.
4. I'm not afraid to speak my mind.
5. How I can be ignored all day and still be happy.
6. That people recognize me by my funny laugh.
7. My easily tannable, Italian skin.
8. My green eyes.
9. My sense of fashion.
10. My soft skin.

thank you for participating!

p.s.- am i the only one who wants a heart
in my name too?


Lee said...

I love that she can dance, too! And that she tells us about it. I love reading dance stories.

natalie said...

I can't really sing but do anyway too, haha. And I have always-tan Italian skin too :D But again, I always wish I had green eyes. I love green eyes, they're so pretty!

Jessica♥ said...

haha yey! =] If you want a heart, just press alt then the three on your number pad. ! ♥

Yaya said...

Green eyes are so cool!