September 26, 2009

Here's to Me {by Tamara}

Tamara's top ten things she loves most about herself:

1. I love that I'm able to pull things in under the deadline, but I hate that I procrastinate until it's urgent.
2. I love that I'm able to stand my ground; I hate that I'm stubborn.
3. I love that I speak my mind; I hate that I shoot my mouth off.
4. I love that I am passionate about many things; I hate that I am moody as hell.
5. I love to read; I hate that I sometimes can't stop reading and forget to do other things.
6. I love that I didn't give up when it came to having a baby. I hate that I'll never have another one.
7. I love my ability to draw and paint; I hate that I don't put it to good use.
8. I love that I cared enough about my family and my "roots" that I bought my grandmother's house; I hate that it's thrown us so deeply into debt that we'll never get out.
9. I love that I have a close relationship with my family; I hate that sometimes it takes over everything.
10. I love that I'm finally making this list; I hate that I also felt compelled to point out the flaws.

thank you!

p.s.- Tamara wrote a post
about my project,
see it here!


JennyMac said...

Great list! And #3 is probably quite least in this house.

James, Tamara, and Andrew said...

Thanks for LETTING me play, TeeTee!
I have really enjoyed reading these lists.

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow

natalie said...

Another beautiful work of art, haha :) And another fantastic 10 Things! I always enjoy reading these!