September 12, 2009

Inspire My Saturday: Photographers to Writers and Everything in Between

The following is my entry into Tricia's Inspire My Saturday link party. I am a little late, but here nonetheless (having come from a party myself). Sit back and enjoy reading who and what inspires me the most.

I like to be inspired. I love it when I find a new blog to read, a new photographer to learn from, a new store to be inspired by, anything. Trust me, if it's there, it probably will inspire me in some sort of way.

I believe there are two types of inspiration: the good and the bad. Today was an example. I was inspired in both ways-- and it was mostly the bad. I picked up on things that people do that drive me crazy. I made a note not to do them. But, also, there was some good inspiration for my room.

And sometimes, it's hard to come by.

Here is my collection of who and what inspires me the most. Like I have said before, I have come across many people here on the internet, and these are some of the best. They all inspire me, and I hope that they will inspire you, too.

Olivia Bee is amazing. I am amazed by how beautiful each photograph of hers turns out-- half of the time I sit here in awe of what I am seeing. She is fifteen years old, and she knows a lot. One of my dreams is to be as amazing as she is. Maegan
is fashionable. The word "fashionable" doesn't even describe it, I have pulled so much from her own outfits, and used some of her ideas and incorporated it into my very own wardrobe.

NieNie is inspiring. Reading her blog moves me so much-- and I often find myself sitting here, reading her blog, and sobbing. She recently survived a plane accident, and inspires me to live, to observe, to see.

Anthropologie inspires me to dress better. I dress nicely, don't get me wrong, but half the time I just throw things together at the last minute. I recently had a chance to go to one of there stores, and when I walked in, I was drawn in to the rows of clothes. They were all so pretty, I wanted to buy the store.

Nordstroms also inspires me to dress better. I will be the first to admit that yes, I am a complete Nordstroms addict. Everything in there is so pretty, and it all calls my name. I would buy that store, too.

What it feels like to be a ghost is one of the most inspiring blogs I've come across in a long time. She tells a story like no other, and I often find myself commenting with something like: "this post was amazing! keep it up", or "I loved this!" Her blog has changed my life, and it will change yours too.

And lastly, people inspire me. People's actions, their words, their kindness. I could type a list-- but it would be long. (And, I've already covered some people here.) I found yet another person to inspire me today-- he has cancer and he is still enjoying life. If it were me, I would be in bed all day, moping around. But this person has shown me how to live.

Thank you Roger, for that. You don't know how grateful I am.

I hope you all were able to gather something from this, some source of inspiration. And if you didn't (or even if you did), feel free to share what inspires you. I would love to hear it.


TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Hello TeeTee.

Thank you so much for joining me today. Your post was beautifully written, and you did indeed include many different sources of inspiration.

I know that I have said this before, but you have an insight into life that is far beyond your years. I think that you are an old soul, TeeTee. There are few people I know that can see the beauty in the world around them the way that you do. I pray that you hold onto that as you age. It is truly a gift.

Thank you for sharing a bit of your inspiration with me today. I can't wait to check out everyone you mentioned.


Yaya said...

Maegan totally inspires me to have the tiny bit of fashion sense I now have! She rocks!

Lee said...

I loved all of Oliva Bee's photos. I went through every single one.

LifestyleBohemia said...

Thanks for sharing your inspirations! I love all things that are boho chic & bohemian inspired!

Lisa said...

Love the blogs you shared, it's so great to find something new!

Gwen said...

Such great sources for inspiration!

marianna!? said...

Awe! Thank you!!
I too love to be inspired, and your blog has inspired me in so many ways!!

By the way...those red shoes that you always wear have been on my mind lately. I'm on the search for them. :)

Jessica♥ said...

you're such a sweet heart. =]