September 28, 2009

to: jackie. from: teetee.

(warning: this post may be hard to understand because it contains some inside jokes.)

dear jackie,

i'm sorry. i just looked at my email inbox for the first time in a couple days, like, really, really looked at it... and i realized that your email was sitting there, still unanswered!

i'm so sorry!

once this is written, i am off to email you back and the link to this letter.

i loved your twitter. i love how when you tweet, i can see what you are doing without actually stalking you! (...and isn't that just genius?)

i just thought about last friday, and then i thought about our dear carlisle. we haven't talked about them in forever! remember when the movie came out and everyone was talking about it and fighting over edward? well, all i've ever wanted is carlisle, but i'd take edward, too!

... and how's jasper?

have i mentioned how much i love sitting next to you in mrs. social studies teacher's class? it's so much fun... like today.

i'm sorry, again...
and i'm off to email you right now.

much love,


Sheri said...

I like Edward, Jasper and Carlilse... in that order lol :P

Annabel said...

Thanks, Keeanna-line. Jasper's good; we have moved on to tic tac toe so boggle is 'out' :)

Have fun Stalking me :)

Love, Jackie-line

Lee said...

Yep, I agree with Sheri. Definitely in that order, too.

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

and who do you think I like the best?

YOU !!!!!