October 13, 2009

tuesday evening confessions, part II

  • I am addicted to Regina Spektor's new album, Far
  • I am going to Target tomorrow and I am soooooooooooo excited!
  • my sister and I are making cookies tonight
  • my sister kelly and I like to test out theories about people in p.e.... among other things
  • it has been cold and rainy here all day long... and I wish it was like this forever
  • sometimes I wish that I had a better method to taking pictures
  • I sing in the shower
  • I also sing during science class
  • I miss all of my teachers from last year
  • I really hope to find a new school bag tomorrow since my old one broke...
  • I hope it rains tomorrow again
  • sometimes I wonder why people do certain things
  • is it bad to think that your dogs are the cutest?
  • if so, I've got things to work on.

{part one here.}


marianna!? said...

I LOVE Regina Spektor <3
and I love cookies.
and yes, I definetly think it's possible to think your dogs are the cutest, because you're the one who sees the love in them...if that made sense.

Jen said...

I love love love Regina Spektor, I recently just heard I think the song is called Blue Lips... it made me smile, she has such a unique and interesting voice which I love...
I love making cookies, and eating them fresh out of the oven!
Good luck on finding a new school bag!

TRICIA @ The Zoo said...

Great confessions.
Oh how I love target, and cookies, and to analyze people. ;)


P.S. It's definitely not wrong to think your dogs are the cutest. Every mom in the world thinks their kids are the cutest too. It's called pride of ownership. lol

De Lly Dilettante said...

You've always got something terrific to share :)

natalie said...

I can't get enough or Regina Spektor, or cookies, or singing a lot :) And ugh, it's been cold and rainy here too, but I really hate it haha. Oh and uh sorry, but I have to say that MY DOG is the cutest in the world, so I dunno what you're talking about ;D

TeeTee said...

your dog is really adorable!

and, my dog ended up eating all of the cookies we made.