October 24, 2009

Weekend To-Do List

^ this is my little weekend to do list.
i've got a lot more to do,
but i cut it down.

in case you cannot read it,
here is the list:

- clean room
- fix printer
- homework
-finish up project
- go to girl scout meeting
- blog about last sunday's adventures
- do laundry
- return library books
- read and do reading logs
-finish thank you cards
- email people back
- re-organize closet
- clean out school bag

tell me,
what do you have to do this weekend?


Yaya said...

Sounds busy. I've got a pretty laid back weekend!

sheri amor said...

hays.. this weekend? lots of chores :)

natalie said...

Finish math homework and an outline of a speech, finish reading severely overdue library books so that I can return them, charge my camera, and more things that I can't think of and probably won't remember til the last minute :P

That's why I should make a nice pretty to do list like you! You are one smart cookie :)

Cat said...

it's good that you have all of your work organized!
good luck!

Lee said...

Study for my midterm!

TRICIA @ The Zoo said...

You, my friend are a busy girl!
I'm actually kind of tired just reading your list.
But since you're on a role, I would love if you added, "Prepare a post to play along with Tricia and her Inspiration party on Saturday." ;)