November 9, 2009

a letter to my friend mr. weekend

dear mr. weekend,

why did you have to leave? this weekend, above all, was the best! you brought relaxation and memories, along with nice weather and plenty of thinking time. also, with your help, i finished the third part of my project... along with tons of other things!

^ this is what my desk looked like after i finished my project...

^ and this is what the floor looked like times one hundred...

the following i got accomplished this weekend:
  • i finally went to target and bought some new nail polish
  • so i painted my toenails a pretty pink, along with just my right pinky (i'll have to show you!)
  • i finished the third and last part of my project
  • i studied for my math test (that i took today)
  • and i sort of got caught up on grey's anatomy
  • i made plans for next weekend
  • i cleaned my room and my closet
  • i thought and thought and thought about almost everything
  • ... but most of all, i learned to be grateful, and to treasure these moments

thank you, mr. weekend, you were a blast!

if you could send in a request for next weekend, please help make it as enjoyable as i am hoping it will be. we have lots planned for saturday... and i have to wake up at 8 am to be at one of these "plans"... but i am still excited!

have a lovely week, mr. weekend... i'll see you in a few days!

much love,


Lee said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! What're your plans for next weekend?

natalie said...

Is that a candy apple? Mmmm :D It sounds like you had a very successful weekend to me! Your project looks like it's definitely coming along. And I really like the pictures- polaroids are the best! Hopefully your test went well :)

TRICIA @ The Zoo said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend to me. They go by too fast, don't they?! Painfully fast sometimes.
Cheers to another great one.


Tweedles -- that's me... said...

I loved your post!
Right from the heart it came.
I also wonder why it must go so fast.
You made the best of yours!