November 10, 2009

tuesday evening confessions, part V

  • on satuday night, i was watching snl. when it went to the commercials, i asked the mother if it was on any other night other than satuday. she just looked at me.
  • i have no school tomorrow!
  • i want it to rain here so bad!
  • i cannot wait for this weekend
  • i still need to make goals for november
  • ... but i am still in shock that is is november!
  • the father's birthday is coming up
  • i really, really want to own adobe illustrator
  • ... and i would also like a facebook account
  • i like to stare at certain people in some classes of mine... just to see if they'll notice. they do.
  • i am going to wear my boots this week!
  • for science, we have this project.... and i get to dress up as a blue ice cube.
  • i am addicted to picnik.

happy tuesday-almost- wednesday to you all!

p.s.- who is wishing at 11:11 on 11/11 tomorrow?


James, Tamara, and Andrew said...

I love Tuesday Evening Confessions!
--Sadly, we have school today :-(
--It's raining A LOT here. It's overrated.
--Thanks for mentioning picnik! I had no idea it existed! :-)

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow

Brittany said...

haha i'm addicted to picnik too!

natalie said...

We had school today :/

Yeah, I'm actually still having trouble realizing that it actually is November... it's just, wow!

And you should should make a Facebook! It's very addicting, hehe!

Oh, and I forgot to wish at 11:11 AM this morning, but thanks for reminding me that about it, cause there's still tonight! Woo :D

Lee said...

Where'd you get a blue ice cube costume?

TeeTee said...

i wore a blue long sleeved shirt and blue tights, along with some blue polka-dotted shoes.
it was awesome.

Emily Anne said...


Your blog is gorgeous, absolutely lovely. I stumbled across your profile and was all "oh hello another kindred spirit!".

I will definitely be following and I can't wait to read more :)

Em xo

TRICIA @ The Zoo said...

Hi TeeTee.
I hope that you had a great day off! Did it rain?! Wouldn't that be cool? Since you just wished for it. ;)
Hope the rest of your week is perfect.

P.S. I'm a bit of a throw-it-together kind of wrapper. That's my December goal. Wrap and enjoy it. ;)

Cat said...

i love these lists!
and i hope my rain doesn't get sent your way. the rain has gotten me out of running a mile in gym twice this week. and i really enjoy that (:
and as for adobe illustrator... why does it have to be so expensive?
and facebook is the #1 tool for procrastination. i love it. (:
and it is ridiculous that it's november already!