November 24, 2009

tuesday evening confessions, part VI

this week i have loads to confess...

  • i got a new phone. it's pink. i'm in love.
  • i am trying to find this snow hat that seems impossible to find
  • today i went to the mall, walked into american eagle, and did not buy a thing. heck yes, i am proud...
  • my dad and i are going shopping on black friday
  • today i read something that said that you are supposed to eat three apples a day. you've got to be kidding me!
  • i am so excited for Christmastime!
  • i wish my room looked more like this... don't you?
  • i am already listening to Christmas carols.
  • today i was going to wear my boots (see picture above). but then i checked the forecast and it said it was going to be eighty degrees outside. seriously?
  • i miss all of my friends at school
  • i need to take and edit pictures
  • i am so excited for thanksgiving!
  • i need to read
  • i have loads to do tomorrow...

happy wednesday to you all!


De Lly Dilettante said...

Nice boots :)

natalie said...

I really like the print of that dress, and your boots... :)

Congrats on overcoming your urge to buy things, hehe. Hopefully Black Friday isn't too crazy or anything! Have a good Thanksgiving :D

Cat said...

i love these lists :)

Cat said...

oh, and on another note! my first real cell phone was pink. i still have it. pink phones are the best. they're just so cheery :D

McGlone Bunch said...

love the shoes xoxo your princess