December 1, 2009

tuesday evening confessions, part VII

  • today one of my friends reminded me that there are only three weeks until Christmas break. eek! I am so excited!
  • I really wish I was on vacation right now.
  • I am in love with my phone, even though it makes me procrastinate even more than I already do.
  • I feel like a really lame blogger right now.
  • I am reading this book right now and twenty-eight pages in there was already a bomb-shell dropped... I cannot wait to finish it.
  • I was really sick this morning so I ditched (a.k.a. my dad let me stay home) for the first two hours of school. it was so much fun being with him in the morning!
  • suddenly I want to watch finding nemo
  • I was telling someone about these posts I do on my blog, where I confess things. they asked if I took this list to confession. I laughed, on the inside.
  • flickr is addicting
  • ... and so is blogging. I had no idea how "sucked in" I would get.
  • i want to go see new moon again!
  • this picture is so amazing!
  • my camera is probably feeling neglected...

happy Wednesday to you all!

p.s.- raise your hand if you are excited for the holidays!


James, Tamara, and Andrew said...

Raising my hand! I am READY for Christmas break (Christmas, not so much!).

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow

Sheri said...

Great pic. I can't wait for the holidays too.

Lee said...

I wish I could be excited for the holidays...
I want to see New Moon again too!

Cat said...

i am so excited for the holidays. no school is just fine with me!

finding nemo = best movie ever. (i've seen it so many times i've practically memorized it.)

natalie said...

I love Finding Nemo! I want to go to Australia just so that I can find P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydeney :D

Oh, and *raises hand* I can't believe it's already almost that time of the year again!

Yaya said...

Blogging IS addicting!

Haven't seen New Moon yet. Wah.