December 8, 2009

tuesday evening confessions, part VIII

^ the girls of the house and their friendship bracelets.

  • today it was cold.... like 33 degrees in the morning cold. i was freezing, even though to some people it is nothing.
  • i really, really want to make-over my blog right now, but i have absolutely no time!
  • i cannot believe that i have been doing this series for eight weeks now!
  • i got really, really hyper today for no reason
  • on friday i get to pick out new glasses!
  • we read the scariest story in language arts today.
  • i am addicted to downloading new fonts...
  • ... and to eating cornbread muffins (don't ask)
  • i hate hate hate word searches
  • but i love ingrid michaelson!
  • california weather is confusing me.
  • i have a really big test tomorrow and i'm really scared...
happy wednesday!


James, Tamara, and Andrew said...

What was the scary story? :-)
And I LOVE this series--I'm a big fan of random thoughts!

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow

natalie said...

Holy crap, the temperature thing says it's actually like 60 degrees here... I have no idea if that's accurate or not, but if so then weirrdddd O:

Yay for new classes and scary stories and ESPECIALLY cornbread muffins! Those are muy delicioso.... Good luck with your test!

De Lly Dilettante said...

Love the pic with the friendship bracelets. It gives me a warm this bitter cold. I need a make-over for my blog too...but I don't have the time either! :D

Cat said...

totally the same with the new fonts thing. haha, and with the weather!
and congrats on new glasses! glasses are so snazzy.

Yaya said...

New glasses? I recommend orange ones. :)

McGlone Bunch said...

i love your bracelets. xoxo your princess