January 31, 2010

Behind It All: The New Look

^the inspiration behind this whole thing.

I spent the last three days redesigning this puppy you and I call my blog. It's been fun, it's frustrating, but I love the final product. I can honestly say it was totally worth it. I am once again in love with the way my blog looks.

When I first began graphic designing (if you even want to call it that), I had no clue what to do, what looked good, what was "in" for designing. But then I learned something. It's not about what other people think, it's about what you think and what you want. Sure, it helps if it's pretty and if it's eye catching, but I thinking of a blog's design as clothes. It helps me at least, because I love clothes so much.

Anyways, I did a lot here. When the thought first entered my mind that I should redesign my blog, I knew what I wanted. I wanted it simpler, easier to navigate. I wanted it warm and friendly. I wanted the posts to really stand out, aside from the sidebar. I knew this was a lot, but I could do it.

And now, it's finished.

There's a new banner-- courtesy of the sunflower picture here.
There are three navigation links right below the banner.
There are new colors-- yay!
There's a border around my posts that separates them from the rest of this blog. (I got help from a tutorial here.)
And, the sidebar is simplified, which makes me so happy!

Also, the about section and the links section is updated. This makes me happy too!

Actually, this whole change makes me happy and excited. I hope that with this make-over comes more time to write. I have my fingers crossed.

I'm out.
And I am going to bed.

p.s.- Want a button?

though the looking glass

(Don't feel obligated at all.)


De Lly Dilettante said...

Nice new design! Congrats :D

TheLittleFlower said...

Your in graphic desinging? That's so cool! I'm not really a creative person ..

Tricia said...

Good morning, TeeTee.
You've done a great job with changing things up. I think it looks great, and I hope that it does encourage more writing time.
Happy Monday,girlie.

Chloe said...

i love the new look!
it's so bright and happy, it's definitely an amazing look for your blog.
and i love the button! neat idea. :)

natalie said...

I absolutely love the new look of your blog :D A job very very well done!

Lee said...

Love the layout, it looks beautiful