January 11, 2010

The Last Lecture

Last Tuesday I finished reading The Last Lecture. I've read a lot of books, but this book was the one that motivated me the most. While reading it I felt so inspired. I wanted to read, craft, write, draw, take pictures, finish all of my school work, and so on. It didn't wear off for a while and for that I was grateful.

If you have not read this book, Randy is diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. He has a limited amount of time in his life left and he is asked to give a "last lecture" at the college that he taught at. He agrees, and this book tells all of the things that he wishes to tell his children, as well as some of the things he speaks about in his lecture.

The whole book stood out to me, it changed my life. Here was this man, who had cancer, living his life like nothing had happened.

Right now I feel trapped. I go to school and I do my homework. I talk with friends. That is it. But once I read this book, I felt the need to go out-- to live my life. To really truly live it, to take chances, to feel free.

And I had made up my mind the minute that I finished this book. I am going to live. I am going to use every second of every day that I have. I am going to take that chance. I am going to live with no regrets.

Living my life is one of my many New Year's Resolutions for this year. I am trying already, and it feels so good.

Buy The Last Lecture here,
or you can watch it here.

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Yaya said...

That's awesome!

Lauren said...

I love that book too! That is so great that it inspired you so much. He has a few free podcasts online you should check out too.

Tamara said...

Maybe I'll check it out...I meant to get it for Edna to read, before she got so sick. I regret that, because I feel like she could have gotten a lot from it. He died RIGHT, if that makes any sense.

And YIPPEE!! I'm so excited about Tuesday Evening Confessions!

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow

natalie said...

Oh my goodness, we listened to part of The Last Lecture in speaking & presenting class... it was so inspiring! It definitely makes you rethink how you're living life, and if you're making every second of it count.

Lindsay [Bella Cene'] said...

Oh I've been wanting to read that book for some time. Glad to hear how motivating it was to you!

Tricia said...

Another one for the reading list. What a great message. Thanks so much for sharing, TeeTee.


Lee said...

I watched it a long time ago. It's so moving, really.

Aron said...

This was a pretty amazing piece. Its hard not to be moved by it.