January 14, 2010


  • school.
  • curly hair.
  • friends.
  • p.e.
  • thinking.
  • texting.
  • questions.
  • answers.
  • talking about the future.
  • procrastination.
  • snuggling with doggies.
  • over thinking.
  • reading.
  • laughing.
  • homework + studying.
  • skirts.
  • ingrid michaelson.
  • making plans for tomorrow.
  • going through pictures.
  • remembering.

what did you do today?


Lee said...

So how're the bangs going? Do you still have them?

Lee said...

And by "do you still have them", I mean do you still wear them down, or in a headband now?

After a couple weeks I always wore mine in a headband.

natalie said...

Love the picture! Sounds like a successful Thursday to me... hope your Friday was wonderful as well! :D

TeeTee said...

surprisingly, i still wear them down... and i am in love (:
thanks for asking!
have a lovely weekend!


Yaya said...

Your day sounds nice!
I've got the stomach bug...