January 5, 2010

tuesday evening confessions, part IX

  • i finally broke down and bought a pair of skinny jeans... and i actually like them
  • i want to be on winter break again
  • today in math i actually got all of my homework done... which is a first!
  • i love my new haircut... except this morning when i was blow drying my hair, my bangs did a flip thing. then i began to hate them. but... i fixed it!
  • i made chinese food for dinner tonight and it was so good!
  • this year i am not making new year's resolutions. instead i am making goals month by month and listing ways to get them done so that i may actually be able to achieve them!
  • i read something online that said in order to get something done, you need to make a to-do list with three to five things on it. i did this last week... and it works!
  • i ran into someone today... and i was totally embarrassed.
  • i really want to do my hair like this.
  • i got the iPod touch for christmas and i am in love!
  • science is really confusing me.
  • i am looking for a polaroid camera. does anyone have any suggestions on where i might be able to find one that works?
happy wednesday!


Yaya said...

I got an iphone over the summer and I swear it's like my best friend!

Love that picture! So creative!

I never like a new haircut until like a week later when it has time to settle in.

natalie said...

I wish it was winter break again ): I guess now we have spring break to look forward too! I'm glad that you're still enjoying your bangs, and Chinese food is delicious :D My friend got the iPod touch too! It looks pretty cool, I must say. And I don't know, I've been looking for a polaroid camera for a while too. I guess besides buying one on eBay or something, you could try random vintage or thrift stores... good luck!

Tamara said...

I love Tuesday Evening Confessions...would you consider syndicating and letting us all participate? :-)

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow

Lee said...

If I recall correctly, they stopped making film for polaroids. So they don't make the cameras anymore.
I could be misinformed, but I swear I remember reading about it in the news...

Aren't skinny jeans the best?

TeeTee said...

i read the total opposite! i heard film is coming back early this year... but i may be misinformed as well! i am in love with skinny jeans!

i have never thought about doing something like that. i would love it if you participated! i'll try and set it up next week... thank you for the great idea!


Cat said...

response to all:
1. skinny jeans are actually not as uncomfortable as one would think... i like them. you can wear all sorts of fun shoes with them.
2. same.
3. way to be productive!
4. hooray for quick-fixes!
5. chinese food = amazing.
6. that's a very good idea.
7. i'll have to try that!
8. beeeeautiful.
9. i am so jealous.
11. i wish i could tell you. they're fun! my mom used to have one... i wish she still did. oh, and according to a site i was directed to (from roed book maybe?) said that yeah, the film is indeed returning.

Tamara said...

Awesome! I would LOVE to participate!

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow