January 12, 2010

tuesday evening confessions, part X {special edition!}

  • i want to bring my dog cajun to school one day just to see if anyone would day anything.
  • i'm thinking about buying mobileme for my ipod touch... it just seems so awesome!
  • my science class is so hard and so confusing... i seriously have no idea what to do on this lab thing.
  • i am addicted to glee!
  • there is so much homework right now since there are only two and a half weeks until the semester ends. then i have to study for finals...
  • i need to read more
  • i love this quote
  • i wish there was more time in the day.
  • it is supposed to rain here tomorrow... and i am so excited!
  • sherlock holmes is one of my favorite movies.
  • i have no school next monday!
  • sometimes i stalk my friends on twitter... it is so much fun!
  • i should probably be studying right now...
now it is your turn! have somethings to confess? go right ahead, and when you're finished enter the link here:

happy wednesday!


natalie said...

I wish I could bring my dog to school! She'd probably wreak havoc throughout the buildings :D Glee is amazing, and so is Sherlock Holmes! Also, I have next Monday off too, and a half day this Friday... hello 3 1/2 day weekend :D

Lee said...

If it weren't $99 a year, I would get MobileMe. Great thing to keep your ipod safe.

Jocelyn said...

what is mobile me? I am so technologically behind ha. I love that terry tempest williams quote on your page by the way. It's really neat! Cool blog, and I also love your photo blog, I wish I was a good photographer!