January 19, 2010

tuesday evening confessions, part XI

  • confession one (the most important of them all): the above picture is old. like may 2009 old. but since i am too lazy to "practice my photography", i decided to use this picture. plus it makes me happy.
  • the next episode of gossip girl is airing on march 8th. i am mad, considering my two favorite characters are finally going to be a real couple (on the show at least)!
  • i almost fell down stairs today.
  • it is rainy and cold here... and i am in love!
  • i have a story to write for language arts... and i really do not want to start. i am dragging my feet big time.
  • i also have to study for a math test tomorrow...
  • i went to pick out new glasses today and i finally decided on a pair, and i'm not really sure i even like them. but... i have a week to decide, so i am "thinking on it".
  • my brown boots are finally being used thanks to this weather!
  • i went to nordstrom on saturday and i found another pair of boots that i want really, really bad. but the mother wouldn't buy them for me.
  • i really want this week to be over already. we have so much homework.
  • p.e. in the gym today was surprisingly fun.
  • i am addicted to my life is average and my life is twilight. i even have their app for my iPod.
  • i cleaned out my closet sunday morning. i arranged all my clothes by colors and by types of shirts, skirts, and pants. i rediscovered so many of my clothes.
  • i need to read more.

happy wednesday!


De Lly Dilettante said...

It's amazing how we can rediscover so many clothes once we bother to tidy up our closets!! Good for you that you took the time to do yours.

TheLittleFlower said...

I want this week to be over too.. I just can't wait for Friday,it seems so long.. :)

Emily Anne said...

I reorganized my closet too! It felt SO GOOD! And good luck on your math test-- eww, math...


ALSO I am now checking out My Life Is Twilight. Sounds too good to even pass up.

natalie said...

Aww, adorable doggy :) Oh my goodness, My Life is Average is pretty much the best thing ever! And yeah haha, when I reorganized my closet I found loads of ancient things I'd never worn in ages again. Good luck with the rest of the week and tests and work and everything!

Jessica Lynn said...

I've recently begun following your blog, I love it. Thank you thank you for the heads up about my life is twilight. Some of the funniest things I've ever read.

Lee said...

I'm too tired to practice photography, too.
I haven't in like a week.