January 26, 2010

tuesday evening confessions, part XII

  • the picture above is of the sunflower that is growing near my porch. i love it... it is so pretty.
  • my mom, my sister, and i made amish friendship bread last night. it is so delicious! i think i may go have some right now...
  • my dad is taking me somewhere on saturday and i am so excited!
  • tonight's math homework is hard.
  • it rained here today... and it was so nice. i love rain.
  • i have two midterms on thursday... and i am so nervous.
  • i chose new glasses today!
  • my room is a disaster.
  • i have to do reading logs.
  • back in august, when i went to hawaii, i bought a disposable camera so that i could "experiment" with film. i still have not scanned the prints onto my computer.
  • the mother cut my bangs yesterday.... you should have seen how long they were getting!
  • i really want to make over my blog... but i have no time. it will have to wait, no matter how bad i want to!
  • next monday is a "staff in-service day" and that means no school for us students!
  • today i was absent in p.e. (i had an eye appointment) and we ran "the mile". i have to make it up tomorrow... and i am so nervous, even though i've been running more. i am praying it rains tomorrow.
  • i need to catch up on grey's anatomy. i heard last week's episode was a bit dramatic...
  • the semester ends on friday. once school is over that day, maybe i will finally be able to breathe!
happy wednesday!

p.s.- i am four posts away from 400 posts. eek! another thing to be excited about!


natalie said...

The sunflower is gorgeous! Good luck with your midterms, and your mile running, but I'm sure you'll do great (: That's awesome that the semester ends Friday - you're almost there!

Chloe said...

you chose glasses!
what are they like? you should post a picture of them, if you have time. :)

Tricia said...

Oh, good luck this week TeeTee. You'll do great! Promise. ;)

Cat said...

lucky you, you get to make up "the mile". i missed it, and they just counted it as a fail. :P

math in general is hard. good luck!

hooray for new glasses!

Tay tulz said...

I hate midterms tomorrow will be our 2nd and 3rd midterm, I hope they're not very hard. I hate running the mile. it sux

Lee said...

I used to wait the mile. I wish I could do it now, though. It'd keep me healthier.

Yaya said...

Oh I love that bread!

mart and lu said...

i love how you include both your parents in this blog...i love your list! i would like to start more lists on my blog...they are so much fun. i hope you have a lovely weekend!