February 2, 2010

tuesday evening confessions, part XIII

^ a picture from a picnic in december.

  • today my sister kelly and i passed notes in class. i felt so sneaky and it was so much fun!
  • i had so much homework today.
  • the mother gave me a box of jewelry she got from my grandma that was my great aunt's. there were so many cute rings and necklaces!
  • i passed my social studies midterm... and i am so relieved!
  • last night i stayed up reading fanfiction on my iPod touch.
  • i wore my new cardigan to school today!
  • in language arts we had a sub and it was my favorite class of the day.
  • in science we switched seats and i am between two boys... again.
  • i just realized that my blog layout revolves around sunflowers, sunflowers, and more sunflowers.
  • i bought two new headbands today!
  • pandora and i have become bffs recently!
  • i really want a polaroid camera.
  • i need more time.
  • one of my goals for february is to finish my homework by 5:30 p.m. everyday. i "finished" my homework at about 7:30... but maybe that's because i was texting two different people at the same time while attempting to try to answer questions for a narrative section in my language arts homework.
  • i cannot believe that valentine's day is in 12 days! i am so excited!
  • i am obsessed with the song "human" by the killers. they are so amazing.
  • i am really hungry right now.
  • i love doing these posts... i cannot believe that i am on week thirteen already!

happy wednesday!


Yaya said...

I just asked my husband last week if students still passed notes in class, or if they merely just texted each other these days.

Sheri said...

Great picture for the post! <3 it

Chloe said...

well done about your social studies! :)

natalie said...

the picnic makes me hungry :q

yay for cardigans, and substitutes, and lots of sunflowers (: and new best friends!

i should really try the same 5:30 homework goal. it would be so nice to get it out of the way and everything! somehow i doubt that'll happen though...

Lee said...

Are you doing anything fun for Valentine's? :)

Cat said...

sunflowers are good! they're big and their bloom is beautiful. which could be metaphorical for your blog.... i think.

TeeTee said...

i'm going shopping on valentine's day, which i've been looking forward to for a loooong time!

thank you! now that you say it, the sunflowers are perfect. in the next couple of months, i want this blog to be filled with my writings and i hope the sunflowers will be able to assist by giving me some inspiration!


TeeTee said...


some of us do actually pass notes. i'm too scared to text in class, so we fallback on note- passing.