February 9, 2010

tuesday evening confessions, part XIV

^ books books books.

  • i cannot believe that i have not blogged in a whole week!
  • i love being able to text on my phone.
  • i have this friday and next monday off from school!
  • i want my hair to miraculously grow overnight to be the length i want it to be.
  • i really want some nectarines.
  • valentine's day is in less than 4.5 days!
  • it rained here today!
  • on sunday i am going shopping with the grandmother!
  • today was miss beverlee's birthday!
  • this week i've had sooooo much homework!
  • today i told someone that i was totally in love with him. he believed me, looked at me weird, and then shook his head. obviously he didn't hear the sarcasm in my voice.
  • i cannot wait for spring to arrive!
  • i love staring at people just to see if they'll look at me.
  • i've had the song "we are golden" by mika in my head all day long... and i am in love with the music video!
  • sometimes i make funny faces at myself in the mirror.
  • i made cupcakes today and they were so yummy!
  • i need to drink more water.

happy wednesday!


natalie said...

Mmm, nectarines sound extremely good right about now! And so do cupcakes. Oh, cupcakes, with your promises of deliciousness in every bite, why must you tempt me so? :D

Chloe said...

thanks for the comments on my blog! i love them :)

&i wish my hair would grow overnight as well. it sucks that it takes so long.

Lee said...

I used to love being able to text.

Until I got 17 texts in a row today, all from different people.

My fingers hurt. ):

N said...

I make funny faces at myself in the mirror, too. :)