February 16, 2010

tuesday evening confessions, part XV

^ accidental photo.

  • i just realized how big this photo came out.... oh well.
  • i went shopping on sunday and i got two new dresses and a polaroid camera!
  • now i just need to buy film for the camera.
  • on sunday i watched starstruck. i was squealing through the whole thing because i am in love with sterling knight. (true story.)
  • i joined polyvore over the weekend... and i am already so addicted!
  • i want this saturday to come sooner!
  • lent starts tomorrow and i have still not figured out what i am going to give up.
  • yesterday i had the most delicious lunch!
  • i am on the hunt for a red cardigan... and i have yet to find one.
  • i am also on the hunt for some inexpensive polaroid film... with no such luck.
  • my sister and i are totally watching american idol this season!
  • i talked a lot in language arts today...
  • i love "stalking" my friends on twitter
  • i love inside jokes, too.
  • my friend jackie is moving in less than two weeks!
  • i cannot believe that i have posted 400 times (401 times including this post)!
  • i am so excited for spring to come.
  • it was so warm and so nice outside today.
  • i love my dog.

the end.
happy wednesday!


The Lly Dilettante said...

401 posts! Yay!

Senpai said...

That photo is gorgeous...

And polaroid film is terrifyingly expensive

natalie said...

You got a polaroid camera? Lucky! I'm jealous ;) Good luck on your hunt for a red cardigan! I can't wait for Saturday or spring to come... the warm weather can't get here fast enough!

marianna!? said...

hey! remember me? haha i haven't been on blogger in a while.

but i have missed reading your blog! i'll be sure to start reading it again :)

also, i will no longer be writing in my old blog. i started a new one: http://www.thoughtforfoodd.blogspot.com
be sure to follow it :)

Lee said...

Have you figured out what to give up for lent yet? :)

TeeTee said...

i did...
i gave up soda!

(and i already want some!)

Cat said...

polyvore=the best.