March 17, 2010

summer in the city.

^ i love self- portraits. i wish i could take more sometimes... but i rarely have the time to pick up a camera, and i no longer have a tripod. one of my goals that i know will never happen (but i dream about it anyway) is that each day before school i will go outside and take a picture of what i am wearing that day. i won't post it anywhere... it will be just for me.

today was a regina spektor kind of day. it was so sunny outside and so beautiful. today made me want to get up and dance and sing. today was such a happy day.

i am currently listening to regina spektor right now as i am typing this... and singing along to summer in the city. just listening to it makes me crave summer more than i already do. i want it to come already!

today was also a day where i got absolutely nothing done, and i am totally fine with that.

have a lovely rest of the week!



natalie said...

Regina Spektor kinds of days are quite lovely, aren't they? Today actually seems like it's going to be that kind of day too, so yay! And yes, summer needs to get its butt over here!

The Lly Dilettante said...

I love your posts. You're always so happy and joyful inside. Thanks for sharing.

Tamara said...

Glad you had such a happy day! :-)
It's been much easier to be happy here too, since the weather turned spring-like.

Chloe said...

Oh I love Regina Spektor! I'm loving "Eet" right now. :)

Lee said...

We need some days like that around here. It's still cold and windy.

Tricia said...

Hi TeeTee.
I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I have missed you. Life gets in the way sometimes, ya' know? Happy Friday!


Brittany said...

sounds like a wonderful day. impending spring is the BEST kind of day.