March 2, 2010

this weekend.

this weekend was fun. it was busy. it was lovely. we had three family members come in from out of state (uncle duck, grandma sue, and papa) to watch my little sister test for her black belt. she looked amazing and i am so proud of her. i could never, ever do karate in my life. we are so proud of her (or proud in her, as i used to say.)

this weekend i worked on homework (oh, the joy) and redesigned my photography blog. it has a black background, and i am in love. is that cocky, to be in love with one of your own blogs? i don't think so. i hung out at polyvore, and looked around flickr.

on friday i made a decision about my photography and where exactly i am going with it. one day i want to be able to call myself a freelance photographer. one day very soon, i want to call myself that. but before i can, i must put effort into it. i was talking to the mother on friday and i told her about photographers who are my age and so much better than i am. and i told her that one day i want to be like them. i told her that i know i can, i just have to put in the effort. i will do that, starting now.

this weekend i made a lot of goals (like the one about my photography). i also made the goal to put more time into my studies and to learn how to meditate. i want to start praying every night and studying more for tests.

have a lovely rest of the week!
p.s.- this was written on sunday night... shhhh.
p.p.s.- i skipped out on tuesday evening confessions again... shhhh.

* picture from dinner at tokyo wako
on saturday.


natalie said...

I could never do karate either... I'd run away haha!

And I definitely don't think it's cocky to love your own blog, cause I really love how you designed it too :D The black looks super duper... chic? Is that the word, hehe? Good luck with your photography :)

Chloe said...

Good luck with your photography.

I think you're really talented, I love your photography blog. :)

Senpai said...

I wish I could take professional level photos, but I just don't have the artistic insight...

Gah! Black is not a color! Nor is it a legitimate color scheme! DX

Tricia said...

it sounds like a lovely weekend, and some fantastic goals to me! Keep it up, TeeTee. I hope that you have a lovely week. ;)

TeeTee said...

i totally agree with you. the white background just wasn't working for me though... and i hardly own any black clothing.

have a lovely week!

Lee said...

I like the redesign of your photography blog. :) Simple and pretty.

Carmen Maria said...

You have such a unique style of photography. That will get you far! :-)