March 9, 2010

weenie mobile.

^ this was the sky on sunday.

yesterday the father was getting his car worked on and he rented a car so that he could drive to work. well... it was a really small car and my little sister was obsessed with it! when he got home, we went for a drive around the block and searched through all the
xm stations. we found the disney channel radio station for my sister and then she stated: "this is a weenie car. weenies drive this car."

on the way to school today, my sister and i chanted this: "weenie car, weenie car, weenie car..." and so on. then after we dropped my sister off to school, my dad and i blasted some justin bieber for the rest of the way.

fun times.

my sister and i already miss the weenie mobile.

p.s.- my dad doesn't.

p.p.s.- i have a friend that looks like justin bieber. i just thought you might want to know.


Chloe said...

i love justin bieber! me and my friends have been playing his album since we bought it! :)

natalie said...

I really like the picture!
And hahaha, wooow :D
Oh goodness, I dislike Justin Bieber...

The Lly Dilettante said...

Gorgeous shot. Lol. Must have been fun in the weenie car :D

Wendyburd1 said...

Okay, this is all my fault I admit it. But people are thinking I am no longer reading them and so I don't want them to read ME and COMMENT, and I DO! I AM still reading you and I will start commenting again I promise!

I got into a bad rhythm when I started having so much computer problems, I started not commenting thinking most my comments were probably lame and not wanted, but i see that was a mistake and want to rectify that NOW. I am going to get back to my Comment-Whoring ways...that is Kristina's phrase remember that, LOL, and so come back to me my friends, I NEVER left you, I just got way too comfy with Google Reader and read you there!! I LOVE my bloggy friends!!

TeeTee said...

don't worry at all... i've been horrible with commenting as well!

have a lovely weekend!


The Owl Diary said...

haha, sounds like a fun time. glad to know i'm not the only one out there who blasts justin beiber from time to time. what can i say, his songs are catchy. xx