April 30, 2010

one more time with feeling.

* via paper tissue.

a couple of months ago i saw this quote online. i saved it, only because i liked it and i wanted to eventually write it down. i came across it again in a folder i labeled "inspiration" on sunday night. i wrote it down in a binder that i use for school, so that i would look at it and be inspired whenever i happened to open the binder.

it worked. every time i read the quote, i was reminded that this is my life and i need to start living it. i need to start taking chances and let them change my life. i need to take control. i was also reminded that life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so i need to start living my life.

while keeping this quote in mind, i did something on wednesday. i did something that might be no big deal to some people, but it was a very big deal for me. i was so scared, but i did it anyway. come to find out, it was no big deal. i was delighted that i had made the choice i made, and i am going to let it change my life.


Chloe said...

i love this!
have a good weekend. :)

E. said...

best quote everr

natalie said...

That is quite a fantastic quote indeed. Oh, and I love that Tumblr muchly... :)

Have a lovely weekend!

mr. maus said...

i really like the quote

Wendyburd1 said...

Thanks for sharing!