April 16, 2010

spring break: day five.

dear fifth (and last) day of spring break,

you were so much fun. i finally finished my math homework and we went to sonic for slushies and tater tots. i enjoyed some sunshine and i wore my new favorite dress.

i can also eat solid foods again!

(can you tell that i'm extremely excited?)


this spring break has been amazing. it was everything i could have asked for. it was so calm and peaceful. i slept so much, and i am dreading going back to school on monday.

thank you spring break, for letting me relax.

i love you.


have an amazing weekend, i will see you back here monday!


natalie said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful spring break :D And yay for being able to eat solid stuff again, haha! Sonic is pretty darn yummy, I must say. Have a good weekend!

Chloe said...

i'm glad you enjoyed your spring break! it sounded like it was loads of fun. :)

i love all of your pictures by the way. what did you decide on selling them? :)

Cat said...

ah, the last day of spring break, always the best and worst. congratulations on graduating to solid food finally!

TeeTee said...

thank you all for the lovely comments!


thank you!

i'm not sure whether or not i want to start selling prints right now, but eventually i would love to!

it will probably end up happening in the summertime, when i'm not so busy with school...


have a lovely weekend!

A Teenager said...

Just an old fan, dropping by.
Drop me a line, and I'll explain more. :)

Tamara said...

I LOVE Sonic's tater tots. LOVE them! And I'm jealous of your spring break...however, we'll be OUT of school for the summer in 6 weeks and 3 days, so I guess I can survive. :-)