April 12, 2010

spring break: day one.

today was officially the start of my spring break. i was so excited, because i'm just about done with school. well-- i am done and i am so happy to finally be on spring break!

every day this week, i will post about my adventures that i had on that day. i am going to begin right now:

one: this picture is actually from sunday... i went orienteering for girl scouts with some girls in our troop. it was actually pretty fun! the scenery was beautiful... and even though we got lost twice, i had a blast!

two: today i got a manicure! it is my first in about a year... and it was so lovely. i loved watching the lady doing my nails work. it fascinates me, for some odd reason. i loved the color i picked out, it's a bright purple. (p.s.- i have no idea why my pinky always seems to be sticking out in pictures of my hand... oh well.)

three: it poured today! it was freezing cold, too... and i loved it! in the late afternoon, my neighbor, my sister, and i all decided to walk to our old elementary school (it's just down the street from our house). when we got there, we ran to the swings. just after a couple minutes, it started to pour rain! we stayed there for a bit more and then we went home... it was cold, but we had fun on the swings!

four: (sorry this picture is so dark...) i've been working on a painting for two days now! this picture is of my messy desk... and of my half-completed painting. i spent about two hours working on it today, and i realized how much i really enjoy painting.

have a lovely week!


natalie said...

I love all the pictures (: Orienteering and swinging sounds like fun, and your manicure looks great!

Here's to fantastic spring break for you! :D

The Lly Dilettante said...

lovely photos. hope you have a lovely week too

Tamara said...

I love #3!

Chloe said...

I love the ring in the second picture!

And you should definitely post a picture of your painting once it's finished, I'd love to see it! :)

Cat said...

lucky! have a good spring break (:
btw, your nail polish color is lovely!