April 14, 2010

spring break: day three.

scattered thoughts ruled today.

i have a lot of homework to do. i am the queen of procrastination sometimes. i really am looking forward to tomorrow. my teeth still hurt. i love the color that i chose for my manicure. last night's episode of glee was amazing. i am addicted to blogging again. thoughts of actually writing something for once, rather than just jotting down ideas.

i should practice my photography. i need to clean out my email inbox. i really liked how i did my make- up today. my dog is fat. spring break has flown by. i'm thinking about getting a tumblr blog. i probably should go running tomorrow. i want to try out a new style of clothes. i am really tired.

happy thursday!


Cat said...

your spring break sounds amazing :)

natalie said...

i procrastinate way too much as well... i hope your teeth feel better soon! yay for glee :D and happy thursday to you too, hehe.