April 13, 2010

spring break: day two.

today i got braces!


they hurt a lot...

a lot a lot.

but it's cool....

(okay, not really).

today i sat around and watched t.v. with my dog and then i fell asleep.

and then i tried to eat dinner.

(that mission failed.)

but anyways, i'm surviving.... my mouth just hurts.

p.s.- the picture above this post looks nothing like me, i don't even have curly hair. i wish i did, so that's how i decided to draw myself. also, my mouth is not that big, my glasses do not stretch out like they do in the picture, and i do not have a flat head. lastly, my bangs are not like that either, they're straighter. i think someone named teetee has to practice her drawing skills more...


Tay tulz said...

OMG i forgot you were getting braces. Its ok your not alone i'm getting them too. Did you watch Glee last night???????

natalie said...

Don't worry, after a few days you'll get used to the braces and everything will feel a-okay! I'm unfortunately experienced with braces :P I've had them for foreverrrr, rawr!

Cat said...

aw, braces! yeah, the first couple of days is the WORST. i highly recommend extra strength tylenol and cold applesauce (this i swear by!) easy mac is good too. your teeth will be relieved! and good luck!