May 23, 2010


^ blurry polaroid of a giant cloud.

today was amazing. today i did nothing out of the ordinary, but for some reason it was extraordinary. i went to target with the father, but other than that i stayed home. i marked things off of my to-do list and i talked to kelly. i wore my new contacts. i enjoyed the windy weather. i got a new dress.

i think the turning point of the day was when i was in the kitchen making cornbread muffins for dinner. at that point, it was basically just me and our dog in the house, the rest of the family was either sleeping or at the skate park. i had my ipod playing, and i was singing along, despite the fact that i cannot sing well at all. i mixed all the ingredients for the muffins together, put them in the pan, and stuck them in the oven, all while still singing.

i left the kitchen, entered my bedroom, and i proceeded to think. i thought about how lovely this day had been, and how excited i am for tomorrow. boy, am i excited. i am excited because tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning.


Chloe said...

I love days like this. They're the best kind. :)

I hope tomorrow is just as extraordinary! :)

georgia b. said...

i love days like that... where nothing's changed except my outlook... for the better!

love this photo... and the simplicity of your new banner!

natalie said...

I'm glad that you had a fantastic day! I wish many more days of fabulousness upon thee ;)