May 3, 2010

how lucky we are.

right now i am inspired. i am inspired to reorganize my room. i want to redecorate it. i want to have my sister kelly over, so that we could have a nice, long conversation. i want to paint all my fingernails all different colors. i want to learn. i want to take hundreds of pictures. i want to journal. i want to redo my wardrobe. i want to redesign this blog all over again. i want to, i want to, i want to.

right now it seems so silly to me how i have all of these wants. once they enter my head, they become goals, ready to be accomplished. i love being able to set a goal, and i love the feeling that i get once i accomplish that certain goal. it feels so wonderful.

right now i am staring at a quote wall i made over the weekend. it consists of seven quotes, and it sits right in front of my computer. every time i look over, i am reminded of some things. two quotes in particular stand out to me today. one being "happiness is a journey" and the other being "become the person you want to be".

right now i am grateful. i am grateful for the opportunity to go to school and to be able to learn (even though most of the time i don't feel like it). i am grateful for my family, who loves and supports me through everything. i am grateful for my friends, who are so silly and make me so happy. i am grateful for the chance to be on this planet, living my life.

right now, my thoughts are scattered.

and right now, i am living my life.

p.s.- i don't know why my blog has taken on the theme "live your life" lately. we recently had a family friend die, and even though i never got the chance to know him, i was reminded of how short life really is. at the end of my life, i want to feel like i lived it properly. even at the end of the day, i want to feel like i lived that day to the fullest. i want to. i want to.


natalie said...

Those sudden bursts of inspiration that just completely make you desire to do something amazing... those are so empowering! Living life to it's fullest is definitely a great theme to take on :)

Tamara said...

It's good to want things...I've been in that mood a little lately, too. I think it goes hand-in-hand with spring. It's also much better than "I don't want to... I don't want to... I don't want to..."

Chloe said...

beautiful words.
i love your blog! :)

Dia said...

Hi, TeeTee! I just wanted to thank you for following my quote blog :)