May 10, 2010

in my head.

thoughts running through my head as of right now:

-kate nash has a beautiful voice.
-i need to live by my own advice.
-take that chance, right now. don't second guess yourself.
- chocolate covered strawberries are so addicting.
- stop overreacting and over- thinking. it's not worth it.
- thinking is actually quite straining.
- my bangs are getting long.
- i am nervous for state testing.
- heck, i am just nervous. period.
- my dog is adorable (i think i'm always thinking this though...)
- i have absolutely no clue what to wear tomorrow.
- dreams are confusing.
- i am excited for tomorrow, because it's a new start.

have a lovely week!


natalie said...

I love the picture! Yay for Polaroid-ness :)

Ooh Kate Nash is rather splendid indeed. As are chocolate covered strawberries. I usually over-think things way too much too, but lately I guess I've actually stopped so that's good. Have a great week as well!

Lauren said...

Ah we think a lot of the same things. Dreams are reallyyy weird.


Tricia said...

I can second many of those thoughts. I hope that you are having a fantastic day!


georgia b. said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo!

would you like to be on ...shhhh again? i'd love to feature this one.