June 7, 2010


today i am dreaming of throwing a summer party in my backyard.
maybe a little dinner party with some close friends?
i am dreaming of a dinner lit by tea lights and secrets shared among friends.

dresses. music. dancing. food. evening heat. ice cream. sparkling lemonade. my best friends. a make-shift photo booth. cute decorations. cupcakes. running around. secrets. candles. streamers. boys. my little sister. happy laughter. happy tears. talking. love. a fun time had by all.

in my mind, it seems like the perfect party.

but i know in my heart that tomorrow it will be nothing but a dream.
and that is perfectly fine with me.


Cat said...

I totally get what you're saying here. The very thought of it, but if it happens or not does not matter, because the thought alone is so entertaining.

natalie said...

Is that your bike in the picture? It looks awesome :D And all of that sounds like the recipe for a perfect summer party to me, too.

Nic said...

Your summer party sounds so cute!

Chloe said...

wow! I would love it if my friends threw a party like this. I hope I do one day. It sounds amazing! :)