June 20, 2010

two years.

(this picture is kind of creepy but i like it.)

today my blog turned two years old.
i cannot believe it. i sit here speechless.
for me, writing a blog for two years is amazing!
i never thought i would be able to keep it up.
but i have.

thank you, to all of you who have subscribed, commented, and linked-to, thank you.
each and every one of you make my day.

thank you.
thank you.

and here's to more and more days and months and years of blogging!



natalie said...

Happy two year bloggerversary! :D That's fantastic! You should be very proud of all the work you've put into your superfantastical blog :)

Chloe said...

Happy blog birthday!

I'm glad you've stuck at it. You've been a huge inspiration to my blog. :)

eleanor said...

happy... blogiversary? hehe.


Senpai said...

Happy two years. Now aim for 1000 posts!