June 3, 2010

white houses.

^ picture of my father in hawaii.

right now i am drained, both physically and emotionally.
i am tired, all the time. it's frustrating.
heck, life is frustrating right now.

but when i think about all that is happening, i think of how blessed i am.
i have a loving and supporting family.
i have a roof over my head, and God has given me this life.
there are a million others, but right now i am thinking of all of the new people who have recently entered my life, and how blessed i am to get to know them.

i am thinking about how exciting tomorrow is going to be.
i am thinking about how after tomorrow i will be done with finals.
i am thinking about my horoscope for tomorrow.
i am thinking about the cute conversations i've had with a friend.

then i get really happy, and i feel really blessed all over again.

have a lovely friday!



natalie said...

it's really wonderful how even in moments of such frustration, you're still able to look at everything and realize how lucky we are to be alive and everything. everyone should really learn how to do that more often :]

Cat said...

oh, finals. i know just how you feel. once it's over, it's like... wow, what is there to worry about? good luck, happy friday!

Tricia said...

Such great perspective!
Have a fabulous weekend, TeeTee!