July 19, 2010


this summer (so far) in numbers:

number of things crossed off my "summer 2010" list: two. out of eighteen.
number of hours spent in summer school: 102.6 hours. (it ends on friday!)
number of times i've gone to the beach: zero.
number of books read: four.
number of minutes spent daydreaming: countless.
number of days that i slept in: three.
number of rainbows seen: one. (in the picture above^.)
number of pictures taken: too little.
number of minutes spent planning and thinking about our trip to hawaii: too many to even think about counting.
number of cutoff shorts made: two.
number of hours spent on working on my summer assignment: zero.
number of cute boys seen: about twenty. (this is why i love california...)
number of times that i have listened to "dance forever": ten.
number of times that i wished it was winter: one thousand.


Laura said...

I loooove that song.

Chloe said...

I love your pictures!! That rainbow looks amazing.

Senpai said...

:D rainbow...

I love the ocean so much...especially the air when you wake up, with the breeze carrying the salty air in through your windows...it's just magical...

Sheri said...

Such a nice picture! I love rainbow shots, and never see them nearly enough in real life. :)

natalie said...

I love the rainbow picture! :) That stinks that you had to spend so much time in summer school, but that's great that it's overwith now! Now you can have the rest of the summer to cross the rest of your list off and go to the beach and see more cute boys, hahaha. Oh and crap, I still have to do all of my summer assignments... Woops.

kara lynn said...

that picture is beautiful! and the list! makes me happy. being a student myself i sure relate to a lot of those items!