July 6, 2010

i'll be.

i am counting down the days until our family leaves for vacation in hawaii.
(there are twenty days exactly in case you were wondering).

i am so excited, and i've been daydreaming about it all day. it dawned on me last night that we really are going to hawaii... and soon!

i've been planning all day long, making lists of what to pack and what to take on the plane and what i need to do before we leave.

i think it's all so exciting. and i cannot wait until we leave.

the end.


Tamara said...

I am excited for you! Hawaii is one of those places I really want to go but probably never will.

TeeTee said...

thank you!

you should definitely go to hawaii... it is so beautiful & magical there!


Sheri said...

So cool you get to go to Hawaii! You will have such great pictures there! :)

Chloe said...

Wow so jealous! I've always wanted to go there! You'll have such an amazing time. Please take lots of pictures? I know you'll be able to capture how stunning it all is. :)

Lia said...

Have fun in Hawaii! That must be so magical going there. This picture is beautiful as well.