August 21, 2010

hawaii 2010: the four-one-one.

(the following is a list of places you should eat, beaches you should go to, and places you should stay. take it or leave it, but it's here to stay.)

^ eat breakfast at poipu tropical burgers. it is delicious, and the eggs are to die for. my mother loves their hamburgers, and we eat here at least twice during our stay. it's good, trust me

^ this year we stayed in a condo. it was nice, it felt like a home. we had a refrigerator, so we were able to buy food and eat all we wanted. that part was nice. it had wi-fi, which was even nicer (for me at least). we stayed at the aston poipu kai resort. i loved it, and i highly recommend it.

^ every single day that we are in hawaii, we get shave ice from brennecke's. the whole family loves it, it's something we look forward to every time we go. i love the bubble gum flavored, and get ice cream at the bottom, it's the best.

^ on this trip, we went to the beach. a lot. our favorites are the beach in front of the sheraton hotel and the beach in front of the marriot resort. they are both so beautiful. we have stayed at the sheraton before and enjoyed it, and we have also heard great things about the marriott.

^ if you go to kauai, eat a burger from bubba's. they are the best, end of story.

i think i've covered it all. this trip all we did was go to the beach, eat, sleep, and breathe. it was so relaxing. and i want to be there right now. seriously.


natalie said...

Oh my gosh, it just all looks so unbelievably awesome! All of the food places sound delicious, like the shaved ice... Mmm :q It sounds like you had such a wonderful trip! *Jealous* :)

Dawn said...

hey...just came across our blog-
you made me want to get on a plane today!
Great pics!
Looks like a beautiful place and wonderful trip!