August 10, 2010

hawaii 2010: part one.

^ hawaii this year was amazing. it seems that every year that we go back, it gets even prettier and prettier. this year, we were surrounded with puffy, white clouds and lots of wind. occasionally, it would rain for five minutes or so, and then it would stop, the rainclouds would disappear, and it would become sunny once more.

^ i think this is my favorite picture from the entire trip.

^ everywhere you look, there are some of the most beautiful mountains you will ever see. it is so amazing.

^ the water is so warm and crystal clear. you can see fish swimming beside you and you can see your feet!

^ the houses here are so beautiful. i think i want to live here (as does my mother).

* stay tuned for part two.


natalie said...

Oh my gosh, it looks absolutely breathtaking! I love all the photos! I so wish I could go to Hawaii. That's someplace I've always wanted to go to, but never have. Some day! Can't wait for part dos :)

Senpai said...

You know how painters paint clouds?
All fluffy and perfect, in a way that makes you feel like you've never really seen a cloud, because all the clouds back home are dull and dreary and flat?

In Venice, you get to see those clouds in real life, and boy, they are b-e-a-utiful

kara lynn said...

ah such fun photos! i want to see more!! yes please!

Chloe said...

These pictures are amazing. It looks like such a beautiful place. I hope I get to go there one day!

Kem said...

God, your pics are sooooo pretty!!!