August 22, 2010

summer 2010: norton simon.

this summer i made a list of things i wanted to do or accomplish. there were originally eighteen things, then i crossed off one, and added another. later, i crossed that one off too. i later crossed off three more things. (somethings just weren't going to happen.) but this is the record of one thing that did happen.

for those of who don't know, i live right outside of pasadena, california. pasadena is so beautiful, i swear. the houses are so inspirational and beautiful. i really love it and i love old town, especially. i have friends and family who live there, so we're in the city a lot. i can't say much else, other than it's a pretty city. (and that you should visit sometime...)

one thing on my summer list was: go to the norton simon museum. i've been there before, about four years ago. i wanted to go again, i wanted to go bad. i wanted to wonder around and look at art for hours and hours. and then i wanted to discuss art on top of it. because, i love art. especially paintings. those are my favorite.

on wednesday, august fourth, the father and i went. we walked around for hours and looked and talked about art. (the father went to art school and studied the techniques used by these artists.) it was amazing. i loved looking at all the different paintings and i loved discussing them with someone. i had the best time, and i enjoyed walking around with the father.

my favorite piece of art this time?
an enormous mural:

that i thought was abstract, yet beautiful.

thank you daddy, i had the best time.


Jamie said...

How fun! The piece is beautiful! :]


natalie said...

The museum sounds really neat, so that's awesome that that part of your summer to do list got accomplished! I wish there were more places like that around here. I definitely like the mural that you've showed us, too. The colors are great!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

beautiful! LOVE your blog :)

Tamara said...

I LOVE art museums, so, so much! Thanks for sharing some pics!

Mallory and Hannah said...

oh, so beautiful. i used to live in pasadena!