September 30, 2010

tuesday evening confessions (on thursday night).

^ duke, our puppy. taken a month ago.

the following is a list of confessions i wrote on tuesday evening, and some i added right now.
  • my birthday is in ten and a half days.
  • it was one hundred degrees here today. and yesterday it rained. and tonight it rained again.
  • i need to take more pictures of our puppy.
  • said puppy likes to curl up on the couch and he also likes to chew tissues.
  • i love jason mraz.
  • i have a cold, and it stinks. seriously.
  • regina spektor's music makes me so happy.
  • school is kicking my butt. over the summer, i forgot how much homework there is!
  • i really want to redesign this blog.
  • i need to see easy a. seriously.
  • whenever i type "Earth" on the computer, i leave out the "r" for some reason.
  • i want a macbook.
  • it smells like rain outside right now.
  • i want there to be some fall weather here in california.
  • i've missed tuesday evening confessions. a lot.


Chloe said...

I've missed them as well!

Duke is so cute..!

natalie said...

awww, duke is so adorable! :)

holy crap, 100 degrees? though i know what you mean. the weather here does that too. last week it was like 90 degrees, and now every day it's freezing and rainy. BOO.

i love regina spektor too. and also want to see easy a!