October 7, 2010

dog days are over.

i'm learning to be happy all over again. it's weird, i never thought i would have to learn to feel an emotion. but here i sit, learning. i'm learning how not to depend on someone else to lift me up and make me feel amazing. i'm also learning how to love again. i'm learning how to open my heart to anything that comes my way-- good or bad. it's challenging, but i think it's completely worth it in the end.

my birthday is in three days. i'm hoping that this new year brings everlasting happiness. while part of me knows this is not possible, the other part is hoping. right now, i am so happy, but truthfully, it's a new kind of happiness. it is different, and i like it. i'm happy to be alive, to have such amazing people in my life. but i'm still learning, each and every day.


natalie said...

happiness and love. definitely two emotions that are wonderful to be feeling. :) and yay! happy almost-birthday!

Robyn said...

Happy early birthday. Best of luck with everything.

Chloe said...

I've always thought that learning to be happy was one of the most important lessons I'd ever learn in life.

I was right. I just didn't realise it'd be the most worthwhile one as well. I'm not there yet but I'm getting there and it's just so amazing.

Good luck in yours and happy birthday in 3 days! :)

Senpai said...

The harder you work at something, the greater it becomes. Know that if you want happiness, it isn't just going to come, but if you work for it, you'll be at the very least as happy as you wanted to be.

And Happy Birthday! :D

Sam said...

I just came across your blog. And I read what you wrote.
Happy Birthday, in advance though. I hope you have a superrr one. :)
This post made me happy. Hope is a good thing to have.
I'm Sam Btw. HOLAA.

Tamara said...

Hey :-) Hope you had a great birthday---we almost share one!

I constantly have to relearn these things...I think you'll go through it many, many times in your life. It doesn't really get easier, unfortunately.