December 2, 2010

coffee black and egg white.

i really don't like thursdays.
but i love the dog in the picture above. even when he decides to run around the house.
he is so adorable though.

tonight is kind of a sad night.
i want things to go back to the way they once were.
i want to try something new. actually, i am craving to try something new. but i am scared.
why must fear rule our lives?

twitter has become my outlet for my random thoughts.
jason mraz is amazing, especially his song "the remedy (i won't worry)".

i have some of the wildest dreams for the future.
yesterday i made a list of all the jobs i am interested in. (there were a lot...)
and then i made a list of the colleges i'm interested in.

i wish that i was graceful.
i want to be a ballerina.

i am addicted to my new phone.
it's amazing. and i'm in love.

happy december.
i am so ready for a new month.
and a new start. i hope this month is a good one.


kara lynn said...

whaaats your twitter girl!?

and i agree new months are good. as well as weeks. and days.

sending love and strength. let's do this!

Chloe said...

your dog is the cutest! twitter is the best isn't it? i prefer it to facebook! :)

we've started looking into colleges (Universities over here) and it's so scary.. it feels so grown up. i'm so excited though! :)

natalie said...

cute doggy is cute. :)

making lists is fun! you sound very prepared for the future. i have a bit of an idea of what college i want to go to/what i want to be, but barely...

happy weekend and happy December!

Tricia said...

Happy December, indeed.
How did that happen? How is it already the 5th of December?!
Time flies.

I wish you a wonderful week, my friend.


shelbyisms. said...


kelli christine case said...

i dig your blog. very neat ;)

TeeTee said...

my twitter is @hellooteetee.

and yes, i suppose you could say i was in love, but with my phone. i never knew a blackberry could change my life. hahahahaha.

and i love you all, thank you for your comments and support.