March 20, 2011

over the rainbow.

my father and i ditched church today. it was rainy and cold and my mother and sister sat at home in an effort to feel better. it was just my father and i, destined for church and an hour-long service. we were dragging our feet to get in the car and drive the ten or so minutes across town. i had changed my outfit seven times before we left the house. we were finally out and ready to go, with about ten minutes before the service began.

we were driving and about halfway there when the clock in the car read 10:01. my father turned, looked at me and said, "you have absolutely no idea how much i hate walking in late, there aren't even words."

soon, before even i realized it, we were driving away from church. we were driving up this long and promising road, somewhere i had never been. my father looks at me and asks, "oops, are we lost?" in that ever so mocking tone of voice he has when he seems to be asking me a dumb and rhetorical question. i blankly looked at him and we drove on.

i soon figured out where we were. it was somewhere i had asked my father about a couple of months ago. and right after he told me it was easy to get to, i asked him if we could go there sometime soon. he said, "yes, of course." and i went along with my day.

while driving up the road, i had totally forgotten that i had asked him if we could go. when we started up the road and he told me where we were going, my whole body and soul filled with excitement. an adventure! alone time with the father! more excitement! pretty sights! not going to church like we're supposed to!

as we turned the corners and bends, my eyes drank in the beautiful city. it was below us, in its cloudy, busy glory. i could see the mall, the freeway, the racetrack, the clouds. it was breathtaking. we stopped so i could take some pictures, using my blackberry. (read it here first: blackberries save the day when a camera is forgotten!) the view of the city from where i was standing was unlike any other.

we continued up the road and continued and continued. we stopped a couple more times to drink in the breathtaking sights before continuing through the mountains. when we got to the end of the road and the beginning of the hiking trails, we turned around and went back the way we came. we rolled the windows down, listening to the wind and the rain create a wonderful melody.

it was amazing.

sitting here, i am so grateful for this morning. now granted, we should have gone to church. but you know what? i don't regret ditching. it gave me a whole hour and a half with my father. it gave me the opportunity to create memories that i'll forever remember. i hope to look back on this day and remember how much i enjoyed being in the presence of a beautiful place and my wonderful father.

one day i hope my children will get to see the same place and create the same memories.
just like i had the chance to.


Tamara said...

You don't have to be IN a church to GO to church. Those moments are to be treasured.

Tricia said...