June 10, 2011

it's the start of something new.

today was officially the last day of school for me. which, in turn, marks the beginning of my summer. i tweeted earlier this week that i feel like this summer is where everything will begin, and i truly do believe that. i can feel it in my bones almost, a whisper in my heart saying, "this is the summer where you will climb out of that shell even more and grow like you never have before." and i'm excited, because i am going to make this summer amazing. i've got an amazing group of friends and this summer holds so many adventures just waiting for me to seize them.

i saw an old teacher of mine last night. he told me that these next years are going to fly by so fast, so grab on to them and take those chances. it really stuck with me, i think because he means so much to me and i really needed to hear it. sometimes i feel like i'm not taking chances, not living up to my fullest potential. i want to start doing that. i want to right now.

my school got our yearbooks about a week and a half ago. i had all my friends sign it and the things they wrote were the sweetest. i grew really close to these two older girls in a class of mine, they're literally who i call my big sisters. once i read what they wrote in my yearbook, i teared up. i am truly going to miss them. all the things people wrote in my yearbook were so incredibility sweet, and i realized what good people i have in my life. i am really, truly grateful for them all.

i'm excited for this summer. i can feel it's potential flowing through my bones.

let's go make this summer amazing, shall we?


Lizzie said...

I love the sentiment of this.

Natalie said...

I really do hope this summer is absolutely fantastic for you. :) It is true that these years are already flying by so quickly, and soon they'll just be distant memories... scary but I guess it is good incentive to get out there and live life!

Jessica Lynn said...

yes yes yes SUMMER. good time are always ahead.

Chloe said...

i really do hope this summer is everything you want it to be.
[still so jealous about the yearbook thing! haha :)]